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Are Salons Getting Disrupted

The Facts

  • Around 54 per cent of hairdressers are employed full-time.
  • The workforce is largely female, with women making up 86 per cent of employment.
  • A small number of surveyed employers expressed the opinion that the number of home salons is increasing, making it more difficult to recruit employees for wage and salary positions.
  • Service Skills Australia also reported that industry stakeholders have¬†raised concerns about home based salons.

What is Disruption?

Today disruption effectively means disrupting traditional ways of doing things. So getting your hair done at a Salon at prices that include high cost margins is being disrupted by Hairdressers willing to work from Home. If you are a traditional business then you may find disruption annoying and possibly extremely dangerous to your salon business, just like taxi drivers with Uber. Lets face it though – what are you going to do? Join our facebook discussion…

I will confess that I do hair from Home. It started as friends and family, and grew into a business. I also free-lance at various Salons around Sydney and facilitate training at other salons – helping hairdressers work better. smarter, safer and increasing income. I love that I have the freedom to help my Industry colleagues experience more commercial successes.

Its about more revenue streams and that beats the wages and conditions that many salons have on offer. I know its not popular Рbut its the way of the future.  Evolve or die!

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