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Customers and buyers of personal services are becoming more sophisticated and more socially, economically and environmentally responsible.

We want to make your experience as unique and memorable as you are. Crystal is a highly trained passionate and creative hairdresser and only partners with other creative, passionate and highly trained hairdressers and personal service providers, delivering amazing looks at affordable prices.

As mobile and freelance hairdressers (without all the overheads that salons have), Crystal and her carefully selected freelance team can deliver flexible hairdressing solutions for busy, fussy or frugal people. We maintain the highest standard in hairdressing, will exceed your expectations, and keep you coming back for more!

For people who are looking for great customer service, great hair care, and exceptional hair services, hair by Crystal Johnston is an excellent choice.


Crystal’s passion, creativity, experience and caring nature makes her highly sort after.

Fully Qualified with 15+ years experience, she has been a force in her industry vigorously promoting ergonomic hairdressing solutions, designer of the FoilerOre, Partner with Worldskills, seen on Stage all down the Eastern Seaboard.

Recent endeavours have her training up coming hairdressers – the highest honour of any stylist or hairdressing professional.


Crystal’s vision is grow her team over Sydney. To have a team that provides the best information for clients that is completely focused on its clients individuality, wherever they may be.  To make people feel great and ready for the challenges that face them. Crystal inspires a general philosophy of knowledge with passion.  To be aware of continuing changes in industry and industry trends, by continually learning as training, teaching, and engaging peers, constitutes a large part of this.

Crystal Johnston’s also has a vision to lead the way in innovating ergonomic hairdressing tools and solutions to reduce workplace injury and improving hairdresser wellness worldwide.

Crystal’s Slogan

“Slave to hair free to care”


  • Creativity & Passion for Hair
  • Ergonomic Hairdressing Solutions
  • Australian Industry & Trade
  • Environmentally friendly products, and sustainable work practices.
Creativity and Passion for Hair - Crystal Johnston
Ergonomic Hairdressing Solutions
Australian Industry
Sustainable Work Practices


Our mission is to relentlessly pursue growth, by continually improving performance, products, and business efficiencies in every area and at every level of the organisation.  We want to be known for our reliability, flexibility, honesty, and outstanding service while exceeding our customers expectations. We can achieve this if we:

  1. Create loyal & meaningful relationships with our customers
  2. Inspire passion & creativity for hair, by helping salons and hairdressers deliver a better quality of service – ergonomically.
  3. Reducing workplace injury by reviewing current techniques and tools and developing new products and/or methods to address the causes of common injury in personal Services.
  4.  Advocate for environmentally friendly products and promote sustainable work practices.
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What We Do

There are three distinct business lines under the Crystal Johnston Brand.

  1. Hairdressing and make-up services
  2. Ergonomic Hairdresser Training
  3. Our Shop


Hairdressing and make up Services

We are passionate & creative hairdressers using quality products ensuring that you’ll love our hairdressing services. We operate on a mobile & freelance basis which is how you get great hair at affordable prices. We are as flexible as you need – we  can come to you, or you can come us!

What is a Mobile Hairdresser?

On-the-go people might not have time to visit a hair salon, so they get the hairdresser to come to them. Some elderly, ill or handicapped people can’t get out to hair salons every four to six weeks for a trim and style, so mobile hairdressing provides another alternative. Hairdressing services delivered to the home are also favoured by many families that prefer to have the whole family’s hair needs handled at the same time. Some mobile hairdressers have portable basins for home colouring, however, mostly mobile hairdressing is for cuts and styling.

What is a freelance hairdresser?

A freelance hairdresser could refer to a mobile hairdresser, but also includes, self-employed hairdressers with home salons;  that rent chairs in existing salons; or work for celebrities; on projects, shows, shoots and for other private events and businesses.

Ergonomic Hairdresser Training

We are committed to helping hairdressers train and retrain with ergonomics in mind. Like any trade, there are long term risks associated with dangers in the workplace. These can be from chemicals, slips and falls as well as debilitating disorders such as occupational overuse syndromes including arthritis and RSI. We provide training that protects business from sick days due to injury, helps keep hairdressers safe and doing what they’re passionate about for longer, and provides improved overall performance.

Our E-Commerce Shop

We choose products because we care about you, your colleagues, your staff, our Australia, and our environment. Buy our products because they are designed or individually vetted by our trusted team.

How We Do It

For all your hair care needs, depending on what you are looking for, we can arrange for Crystal Johnston, or any one of our a free-lance mobile hairdressers to visit you, or “rent a chair near you” or in the Eastern Suburbs where most of our stylist are. One way or another, we will help you achieve the look you ask for, or our specialists can transform you into a new you – making you feel reborn.

If you are a professional hairdresser, and ready to make the move into ergonomic tools and work methods, we have the solution for you. Waiting will only make your issues worse, so let’s get started, your body will thank you for it.

Our shop comprises various products targeted at improving creativity and skill, save and make you money as a hard-working trades-person, is ergonomic, or environmentally friendly. We scout new products all the time, partnering with innovative businesses that share our values.

Crystal's Story

Crystal Johnston Sydney Hairdresser

As a young hairdresser, I

  •  worked till I dropped
  •  strived to learn more and
  •  experimented

Pushing myself so that I could:

  1. deliver better service to my clients and
  2. higher profits to my employers.

Now I have a long list of achievements, and a great reputation. The cost of this pursuit is aches and pains in every bone and muscle in my body. I want to share all that I have learned and help where I can .

I spent many a day dreaming up a list of tools that could make me even better at what I do, but I never had the time or the will to realise them. After 15 years of waiting for someone else to solve my problems and frightened that my career and passion for hair would be forced into early retirement like so many others, led me to start CJE Australia P/L (“CJE”) in 2014 – a joint venture bringing diverse talents together to deliver ergonomic tools & solutions in contradiction of perceptions of lower productivity, quality and service as well as decreasing profitability. My products will actually allow more creativity, improve productivity and help Salons earn more – all whilst reducing workplace Injury.

Crystal Johnston Hair

Crystal's Achievements

Crystal has presented ergonomic hairdressing techniques resulting in best outcomes for hairdressers and clients - at Hair Expo in both 2015 & 2016. We are also very proud of our Partnership with Worldskills Australia and the Hairdressing competition.

Product Launch - FoilerOre By Crystal Johnston

Salon Melbourne, March 2015


Worldskills Australia 2016


Worldskills Australia 2015

Launchpad Stage

Hair Expo, August 2016

Launchpad Stage

Hair Expo, June 2015

Spotlight Stage

Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo, May 2015

Guest Speaker

Sydney TAFE, Gymea, NSW, Worldskills Australia October 2015

Guest Speaker - Trainer

TAFE Northcoast, Port Macquarie NSW, Worldskills Australia September 2015

Guest Speaker

TAFE South West, Toowoomba, QLD August 2015

Crystal's Certificates