Hairdresser for the elderly

As a hairdresser for the elderly, having a great hairstyle, and knowing that you have a great hairstyle, is one of the most powerful confidence boosters you can have. A proper hairstyle, tailored to your specific hair type and face shape, will properly frame your face and make you look and feel amazing.

However, maintaining your hair becomes more difficult as you begin to age. We start to find it difficult to do everyday tasks. We begin to get tired faster, our limbs and joints become stiffer and weaker, and we may be faced with increasing health issues that stop us from participating in certain activities.

Going to the hair salon is one such activity, with many older people settling for hair that ‘will do’ instead of a style that will make them feel fabulous and confident.

To combat this, Crystal Johnston began offering mobile hairdressing services to her clients who were finding it difficult to make the trip to her Bondi salon. Bringing a carefully curated collection of tools with her, she offers her clients a full range of services in the comfort of their own homes.

From a simple trim to colour correction to colour coverage for grey hair, Crystal’s 18+ years of hairdressing experience mean that she can give anyone a professional and beautiful hairstyle anywhere.

“A hairstyle is a statement of your personality and individuality. I want everyone to be able to get the hair that they love.”

– Crystal Johnston

Since launching her mobile hairdressing service, Crystal has received great success among her clients. Her professional yet affordable services mean that anyone can get the hair of their dream in the safety and comfort of their own homes.

Primarily serving people in and around Bondi, the Eastern Suburbs, and South Sydney, Crystal will work with your My Aged Care plan to give you the hair services you need and want.

Hairdresser for the elderly

Frequently Asked Questions

What services can you provide?

Crystal is fully qualified for haircuts, hair styles, and hair colouring. She has over 18 years of industry experience serving people of all ages, abilities, and hair types.

When are you available?

She is available to her clients as they require, including Sundays, Mondays, and after hours bookings.

Can you do men and women's hair?

Yes! Often times we will schedule a husband and wife for hair cuts/style at the same time.

How long does an appointment usually last?

This will depend on what sort of hairstyle is being requested, but most appointments average between 1-2 hrs.

What are your payment options?

All payments are required on the day of service. If you are a My Aged Care provider, we will consider an account. Please get in touch to discuss your options.

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