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Having great hair and knowing that you have great hair is one of the strongest confidence boosters out there. When you find an hairdresser who understands your hair and personal style AND is dedicated to making sure that you always look your best, it can feel like you’ve hit the jackpot.

Crystal Johnston is that someone. She brings the professional hair salon experience into her own home for the ultimate combination of expertise and comfort you deserve.

With over 15+ years of experience in hairdressing, styling, and colouring, she will make sure that you leave with the best hair you’ve ever had.

Crystal has been working on the stages all over the east coast but she is a local in Kingsgrove in Sydney.

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Enjoy a professional hairdressing experience with the comfort you deserve.


Crystal is a trained professional hairdresser with the skills to cut and transform your hair into a style that will suit your face, hair type, and lifestyle. As a fully qualified hairdresser, she will treat your hair with gentleness and respect to bring out your natural features and beauty.

From the initial conversation and consultation to determine what sort of cut and look you want, to washing, cutting, and drying your hair, Crystal will make sure that the entire experience is clear and transparent.

Crystal is a creative at heart. Keeping up-to-date on the latest fashions in haircuts, styles, and colours, she will advise you on how you can adapt the newest trends to your personal style.

Walk out with the confidence that your new haircut is 100% tailored to you.

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Treat yourself to a stunning new look.

Hair Styling

Many people think hairdressing and hairstyling are interchangeable, and that hairdressers and hairstylists are one and the same. While both hairdressers and hairstylists work to make sure that your hair is looking its best, they don’t share the same skillset.

Generally, hairdressers are the ones who work on changing the actual shape of your hair, which means providing hair treatments, cutting, and colouring your hair. Meanwhile, hairstylists are in charge of giving you the specific look that you want, such as curling or perming your hair, adding hair accessories, braiding your hair, etc.

Not all hair professionals are both hairdressers and hairstylists, but Crystal Johnston is one. Combining her hairdressing knowledge with her hairstyling experience, she will take you through the complete journey to truly transform your hair into your dream look.

Let Crystal transform your hair and get ready to experience your best hair days yet.

Hair Colouring

Changing the colour of your hair can be a tricky, risky, and time-consuming exercise without expert guidance. Using the wrong techniques or products can seriously damage your hair.

As a creative hairdresser, Crystal Johnston is no stranger to colouring hair. In her hair salon, your hair will be transformed using products that will gently lift your hair and give you your dream hair colour.

In fact, Crystal developed the award-winning FoilerOre as a response to a lack of hair dyeing tools that were ergonomic – to protect hairdressers’ hands – and provide greater hair colouring results for her clients. With her dedication to her craft, you will be guaranteed that your new hair colour will be both beautiful and healthy for your hair.