Children's HaircutTeen’s Haircut

• Trim/dry off from $35
• Wash/cut/dry off $45
• Buzz cut from $25

A buzz cut is an all over clipper shave. One length. With or without the clipper attachments.
Men’s Haircut

• Dry cut from $35
• Wash/massage/haircut from $45
• Wash/treatment/massage/cut/style from $55

NB: Prices may also vary based on complexity of style.
Woman’s Haircut

• Short hair is 2 inches in length from $35
• Medium length is above shoulder from $45
• Long hair is to the bust from $55
• Extra long is to your waist from $65

NB: Prices may also vary based on complexity of style.

Hair Styles

Are you a Gold Medal Hairdresser

Hairdressers don’t often dream of Gold Medals like some kind of athlete, however, with studies showing that average hairdressing salaries are less than $40k per year – maybe they should. According to the Australian Department of Employment September 2015 “most employers recruiting hairdressers sought candidates with skills in all aspects of hairdressing including styling, colouring and cutting”, yet employers claimed that finding good employees remains difficult. So Hairdressing stays on the skills shortage list.

Worldskills Australia – “Inspiring apprentices to be ambitious in their careers”, There are plenty of reasons why you should get involved in Regionals:

  • A platform to strive and be recognised for excellence
  • Boost your skills and performance at your workplace
  • Demonstrate your potential to current and future employers
  • Benchmark your skills against others in your field
  • Fast track your career and develop skills through participation in competition, including time management and organisation skills – working with tight competition timelines, managing your time allowing for work, training and competition
  • Build your networking and communication skills – taking direction from industry peers, engaging with industry and peers, working alongside rivals
  • Commitment and responsibility understanding and meeting competition criteria and requirements.
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