Children's HaircutTeen’s Haircut

• Trim/dry off from $35
• Wash/cut/dry off $45
• Buzz cut from $25

A buzz cut is an all over clipper shave. One length. With or without the clipper attachments.
Men’s Haircut

• Dry cut from $35
• Wash/massage/haircut from $45
• Wash/treatment/massage/cut/style from $55

NB: Prices may also vary based on complexity of style.
Woman’s Haircut

• Short hair is 2 inches in length from $35
• Medium length is above shoulder from $45
• Long hair is to the bust from $55
• Extra long is to your waist from $65

NB: Prices may also vary based on complexity of style.


World Skills Logo

We are now an Official National Partner

We are excited to tell you our supporters that we are now an official sponsor for the World Skill Competition – Hairdressing.
What they Said about the FoilerOre!
The product you demonstrated is certainly innovative and I’m sure the hairdressing industry will embrace it on its merits
Click the links and find out more about the Competition/s. Support Australian Hairdressing and consider entering your Staff in the next competition. The nationals will be held in Melbourne next September with the winner to represent Australia in Worlds. GET BEHIND THE SKILLAROOS!!!
What does all this mean to you?

In order to explain what it means, lets image for a moment that running a business is an everyday competition. It is isn’t it? Whether you want to compete in competitions for recognition or not – we are all competing one way or another.

A Hairdressing Competition is TIME sensitive and the winner is the one with the most creativity, and the best results in that amount of time.

Using the FoilerOre according to us, and the National Chief Judge and Project Designer for World Skills, the FoilerOre makes you more accurate, fast and as an ergonomic solution – looks professional as a technique to the Judge and your client. We all want to look good doing what we love!

  1. Every minute saved is money
  2. Every good job is a client retained
  3. Every product not overused is profit
If you have 15 minutes more than another competitor then the motto of the FoilerOre really comes into play “More creative Space, Less Application Time”. What does this mean for your business – Same money less time. The FoilerOre is the best investment you can make when measured by Return on Investment. The FoilerOre could make you hundreds a day like it does Crystal.Among other things, we will donate 30 Twin Packs and assist in training the competitors for the National Competition due next September.

This partnership truly validates all the hard work by our team to innovate a product and a work method that is  – being written into the National Competition.Mandatory use and has no downside other than getting used to it.

If you don’t believe us – believe them. Got FOMO! Get one now!

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