How to Leverage Social Media for Business?

They asked and answered – everyone – no matter what industry you’re in – one thing transcends. No matter where you are, or what you do, if you ignore technology changes – you are 4 years off being left behind! So how can we summarise two days of seminars in one Newsletter we can’t. So we will be starting a blog soon. In the meantime, we want to turn the light on you. Give you NOW homework to get started on becoming present and digital!
Don’t be left in the dark
  • Check that you are registered correctly on yellow pages – Even Mobile Hairdressers
  • Register your business on True Local – Write your specialty if you have one
  • Join FACEBOOK (Instagram/twittter)
  • Know your perfect customer
What we take from this is – there will always be people who resist change. Who think that everything is fine. Like all industries – Taxi’s, Miners, Bank Tellers – all phasing out as the market consolidates – not because you’re not good at what you, but because no one can find you!
But that is not us – we embrace change, we need to evolve, we aspire to combine the art of Hairdressing with the world of business. That’s why the Crystal Johnston Team will continue to attend these seminars and share its content with you. Stay tuned so you don’t get lost in the MAZE of Technology & Marketing!!! #headache

We suggest you get MOBILE! Get SOCIAL!

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